Maryland Boards of Education Release 2015 Legislative Positions

The Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) has released their 2015 Legislative Positions.  Their positions include asking the State to provide $350 million in school construction funding in the coming year’s budget and requesting sustained local government investment in education and in school construction.

From MABE’s Legislative Positions,

  • MABE places a high priority on providing students high quality, healthy, and safe learning environments. Therefore, we greatly appreciate the State’s consistent investment in school construction and renovation projects. The FY 2016 school construction budget should provide at least $350 million to ensure that all Maryland schools are better learning environments to prepare our students to be college and career ready. . .
  • Funding from Maryland’s twenty-three counties and Baltimore City plays a critical role in combining with state and federal funding to support teaching and learning. MABE strongly supports the Maintenance of Effort reforms enacted in 2012. MABE also supports sustaining adequate local capital funding essential to financing the construction and renovation of high quality school facilities in partnership with the State.

For more information, read the full list of legislative priorities from MABE.