Baltimore Co’s Dr. Lynch Talks Building Community Internal and External of “Brick and Mortar” of Schools

Baltimore County education leader Jennifer Lynch talks to Delegate Eric Ebersole on his latest education policy podcast episode.

Baltimore County’s Dr. Jennifer Lynch was interviewed on Episode 14 of Brick and Mortar, an education policy podcase from legislative leader Delegate Eric Ebersole and education advocate Matt Gresick to discuss the state education and the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (“The Blueprint”). Dr. Lynch currently serves as Baltimore County’s Senior Policy Advisor for Education and Workforce Development and is one of seven members of the Blueprint Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB). 

Dr. Lynch discussed her winding professional path into the field of education with the podcast hosts. Together, they contemplated the meaningful work of teaching and education administration.

Other discussion topics were challenges in education, including the impact of national politics, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of reaching and serving all students regardless of background. Day-to-day concerns, she noted, include behavior and mental health in the classroom, according to Lynch. “That is a really difficult balance to strike right now,” she said, referring to classroom safety and implementing meaningful classroom policies. “How do we bring it down to the day-to-day in the classroom to keep it safe and keep children learning?” She emphasized the importance of “building community” internally and externally to the “brick and mortar” of schools as a way to combat these challenges.

The podcast episode also delved into the Blueprint and the AIB. Dr. Lynch explained the role and responsibilities of the AIB in implementing the Blueprint at the state and local levels and “working in tandem with education at all levels” to make the education reform law successful. Delegate Ebersole also noted the financial commitment of the Blueprint.

Listen to the podcast episode.

At the MACo Winter Conference general session, “Education Reform: The Blueprint for the Blueprint,” county and state leaders in education will examine Blueprint implementation, challenges that remain, and where Maryland is landing as it tries to reach the landmark law’s goals for public education. Speakers include representatives of key partnerships, county officials working closely “on the ground” to implement the education reform law and other leaders.

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