Governor Hogan Voices Support for School Maintenance Over Replacement

As reported in the Star Democrat, at his first Board of Public Works meeting on January 28, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan voiced his support for an increased focus on school maintenance over replacement, and reforming the state’s contract-award process.  As described in the article,

Hogan said he is disgruntled by efforts to rebuild schools entirely, saying that maintenance should keep buildings functioning and they should not have to “build a new school every 15 or 20 years.”

In the clip above, the Governor, Comptroller, and Treasurer speak with David Lever of the Interagency Committee on School Construction and local school systems with school construction requests at the Board of Public Works meeting. In response to questions, Dr. Lever noted the efforts of many local governments to maintain schools with limited funding. The Treasurer noted how funding for building maintenance is the responsibility of local governments, while funding for new construction is shared between the State and local governments.

For more information, read the whole story from the Star Democrat here and access the documents for the Board of Public Works hearing and full audio from the meeting here.