Public Information Officers Group Officially Recognized as MACo Affiliate

In a significant stride towards fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) took a meaningful step during the 2023 MACo Summer Conference’s business meeting, recognizing an additional professional affiliate organization, representing county media and public information professionals.

Amidst the conference’s dynamic discussions and engaging sessions, the elected membership came together to approve a MACo by-laws change, formally recognizing the Public Information Officers (PIO) group as MACo’s 14th affiliate organization. This move highlights the commitment to enhanced cooperation and educational advancement within the county communications landscape.

MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson framed the evolution of thr group, saying “We at MACo always work with a potential affiliate to develop conference content, as a wat to demonstrate its relevance to our broader membership. The attendance at media-focused sessions has just been… gangbusters. There is a lot of interest here.”

A Shared Journey of Collaboration

The recognition of the PIO group as an affiliate organization is not just a spontaneous decision but a culmination of a journey marked by collaboration and shared goals. For some time now, MACo and the PIO group have been working closely to develop and curate insightful content for various events and meetings. This partnership has yielded successful outcomes, evidenced by the remarkable attendance and active participation in these gatherings. The convergence of diverse perspectives from both sides has undoubtedly enriched the discourse on matters crucial to county communications.

Interested in becoming a member? Email MACo’s Communications Coordinator, Shantelle Malcolm-Lym, for more details.