Meeting Aug 31; Comments Due Sept 6 on Remaining Paid Leave Considerations

The Maryland Department of Labor has released a discussion document on remaining draft regulations overseeing the state’s paid leave benefit. Written comments are due on September 4.

The Maryland Department of Labor’s FAMLI Division — tasked with implementing and guiding the statewide Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) law — has released a “Phase 6 Discussion Document” on remaining considerations for benefit implementation for stakeholders to weigh in on.

An email from the FAMLI Division states:

The Division of Family and Medical Leave Insurance (the “Division”) has identified outstanding questions and received feedback from stakeholders on questions that remained after the first 5 phases of the regulatory engagement process. Some of those questions are listed below for discussion. The Division seeks feedback from stakeholders on the questions presented.

The Division realizes that there are other outstanding issues that have not been addressed in the informal regulatory engagement process. These issues include job protection, retaliation, reimbursement for community Medicaid providers, and certain definitions. Work continues on these issues, and stakeholders will be engaged on these topics at a later date.

Comments regarding the questions presented can be submitted by offering oral remarks at the August 31, 2023 informal regulatory stakeholder meeting and/or by submitting written comments via email to The Division would prefer to receive written comments by September 4, 2023.

All oral and written comments will become part of the public record.