Calvert County’s Capital Budget to Exceed $45 Million in Fiscal 2016

As reported by The Calvert County Recorder, Calvert County Commissioners held a work session on October 7 to begin examining the Capital Improvement Plan, which will exceed $45 million for fiscal 2016.

From the article:

The plan is $6.9 million less than the 2016 CIP budget approved in fiscal 2015 and $2.2 million of the total is expected to come from county funds.

The county will request bond authority for $18,685,000 for the fiscal 2016 Capital Improvement Plan. This includes $8.8 million for the replacement of Northern High School, $7.2 million for a new building for the Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department, $1.2 million for fire and rescue apparatus and more.

Other projects funded include:

The transportation division of public works has requested $6,374,000, $2.8 million of which will go to the second phase of improvements of Boyds Turn Road. Other transportation projects proposed include $1.2 million for Skipjack Road at Route 231 and $914,000 for the widening of Dowell Road. All three of the projects will be funded through bond financing.

In public safety, $7,213,800 will be put toward the 800MHZ digital communication system upgrade, which will be funded with bond financing. The total communication, apparatus and other CIP budget items for public safety is $9,291,600, funded with a total of $8,415,800 of bond financing and $875,800 of county funds.

The public safety facilities CIP proposal is $7,555,000, which is an increase of $355,000 from the amount approved in fiscal 2015. The budget includes architecture and engineering and construction for the replacement of the Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department, which will be funded through $7.2 million of bond financing. County funds of $355,000 are expected to fund other public safety facility projects.