School Year Plan Triggers Debate On Government Powers

The Governor’s use of an executive order to change the start date of Maryland schools has spurred a discussion regarding executive and legislative roles, and sent a question to the Attorney General.

As reported in the Baltimore Sun,

Hogan’s announcement on the Ocean City boardwalk last week that “school after Labor Day is now the law of the land in Maryland” sparked tandem debates. One is playing out in education circles, where professionals question the wisdom of setting a school calendar around the Labor Day holiday. The other, in political circles, is whether Hogan used the levers of power at his disposal appropriately, and what the move portends for the future.

The Post‘s Ovetta Wiggins reported on Treasurer Nancy Kopp’s comments about the executive order at the meeting of the Board of Public Works this week. The Treasurer remarked on the decision after the Comptroller raised the topic.

As reported in the Post,

Maryland Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp (D) blasted Gov. Larry Hogan (R) on Wednesday for ordering schools to start after Labor Day, describing his recent executive order as an “abuse of executive authority.”. . . Kopp said she looks forward to an opinion expected this week from the state attorney general’s office on whether Hogan’s actions were legal. . .

For more information, see the full story, A week later, Hogan’s executive order on Labor Day still roiling Maryland politics in the Baltimore Sun and Hogan’s order to start school after Labor Day prompts fireworks at meeting in the Washington Post.

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