County Leaders Delve Deep into Infrastructure at #MACoCon

At MACo’s Summer Conference, an expert panel discussed some of the most overlooked facets of development, specifically human infrastructure. 

Infrastructure is more than pipes, roads, and physical structures. Advocates, residents, and policymakers often overlook the critical programmatic and social side of what keeps our communities running. Childcare, housing, education, and reimagining neighborhoods are all important functions the counties perform and yet are often not considered infrastructure.

Senator Benjamin Brooks led the conversation and moderated an informative Q&A at the “More Than Bricks & Mortar (Part 1): The Human Side of Infrastructure ” MACo Summer Conference session.

More Than Bricks & Mortar (Part 1): The Human Side of Infrastructure  

Description: Infrastructure is often considered roads and bridges or construction and materials. But this issue has a human side that needs a bigger spotlight. Affordable housing, childcare and social offerings, and equity in mobility options are just some of the factors that need to be considered in community construction. This panel will leave behind some of the “brick and mortar” discussion and more deeply explore the “people” side of public and private infrastructure. 


  • Chris Conklin, Director of the Montgomery County Department of Transportation 
  • The Honorable Allison Pickard, Anne Arundel County Council
  • The Honorable Brandon Scott, Baltimore City Mayor 
  • The Honorable Jessica Fitzwater, Frederick County Executive

Moderator: The Honorable Benjamin Brooks, Maryland Senate

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