Charles to Host a Children & Families Resource Day

Charles County’s Children and Families Resource Day will be held on August 12 to help connect local families to resources.

The Charles County Advocacy Council for Children, Youth, and Families  — the county’s Local Management Board (LMB) is hosting a Children & Families Resource Day on Saturday, August 12. Established in the 1990s, LMBs are quasi-authorities of local government. LMBs empower local authorities to plan, implement, and monitor service programs for organizations that serve youth and families.

Active in each jurisdiction, the LMBs collaborate with local stakeholders and agencies to support many aspects of child and family services, including reducing the impact of incarceration on communities, reducing youth homelessness and child hunger, and preventing out-of-state residential placements. Each county has an LMB, but models vary. In some counties, LMBs are functions of local government; in others, the LMB responsibilities are contracted out to local nonprofits, while others operate a hybrid of the two.

Charles County’s Children and Families Resource Day will help families find resources available in the county that can support their child and the family:

Learn more about recreational programs, mental health resources, and parental support for families with children aged 0-18. Face painting, balloon artist, and door prizes are a few of the kid-friendly activities.

The event flier reads:

Children and teens have many unique, and sometimes challenging needs. The Children and Families Resource Day will help you find the resources available in Charles County that can support your child as well as the family.

This event offers an opportunity to learn more about recreational options, as well as physical and mental health resources available to you. Families with children age 0-18 can benefit from attending. Even if you are not currently in need of services, please join us as we celebrate the children in our lives at this fun filled day

The fair is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at St. Charles High School (5305 Piney Church Road, Waldorf).

Learn more about the Children & Families Resource Day.