Along the Road to Lowering or Balancing Carbon: A Perspective for Marylanders

MACo’s 2023 Summer Conference Solutions Showcase features thought leaders and industry experts presenting resources and best practices to assist local governments. Check out this session hosted by WGL Energy!

About WGL Energy:

WGL Energy is a leader in efficient and environmentally-friendly energy technology solutions for residential, government, commercial, and industrial customers. We deliver a full spectrum of energy solutions, including electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, carbon reduction, distributed generation, and energy efficiency provided by WGL Energy Services, Inc.  


Title: Along the Road to Lowering or Balancing Carbon: A Perspective for Marylanders

Description: Among states that champion climate goals, Maryland is front and center. Over the years, options to support this have included tools such as renewable energy credits (RECs) and carbon offsets, aiming to reduce or balance emissions. Join WGL Energy for perspective on this journey, to better understand the benefits and challenges that have impacted the energy space on many fronts, highlights on the pathway since competition was allowed, price certainty, and taking budget planning to the next level, plus the investments for consideration to meet or exceed objectives. Buckle up for a closer look at lessons learned and best practices from a seasoned retail energy supplier, all while Maryland embraces environmental stewardship.

Date: Thursday, August 17, 2023

Time: 3:00 PM−3:30 PM

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