Balt Co Receives $80M in Additional State Grants for School Construction

Baltimore County will receive an additional $80 million in state funding to support school construction projects.

Several Baltimore County school construction and capital improvement projects will receive additional state funding from the Interagency Commission on School Construction (IAC). IAC will provide $80 million in additional support for major ongoing school construction projects.

Baltimore County was awarded $80 million in one-time grant funds for school construction projects selected by the County, the majority of which are for new construction. County Executive Johnny Olszewski’s office identified the following projects as priorities for the state funding:

  • $26 million toward a new Lansdowne High School
  • $20 million toward a like-new Towson High School
  • $15 million toward a new Deer Park Elementary School
  • $10 million toward a new Scott’s Branch Elementary School
  • 8 million toward a new addition at Dundalk High School
  • $1 million toward a new addition at new Pine Grove Middle School

According to a press release:

Md. Laws, Ch. 344 (SB 291) appropriated $237 million in state pass-through block grant fundsexternal linkadministered by the Maryland Interagency Commission on School Construction (IAC) for school construction projects in specified jurisdictions. Baltimore County was awarded $80 million in these one-time grant funds for county-selected school construction projects.

“Baltimore County children and educators deserve world-class school facilities that are modern and safe, which is why we continue to invest historic resources in the fulfillment of this promise,” County Executive Olszewski said in a statement. “I’m grateful to all our state legislators whose partnership and shared commitment on this critical issue is allowing Baltimore County to raise the bar for school construction investments across all of our communities.”

The County Executive also noted that the extra state funding would help expedite other projects in the future, like a new Dulaney High School, solutions for high school overcrowding in the Northeast and Southeast clusters, plans for a new CTE Center in northwest Baltimore County, and more.

Olszewski’s administration has prioritized school construction and facility improvement. In April, the County announced additional school construction investments, including almost $210 million of new spending dedicated to facilities projects in the County’s FY 24 approved budget. Furthermore, the County has embarked on a $3.3 billion plan to improve every school in Baltimore County over 15 years.