Baltimore County Council Unanimously Approves $4.9 Billion Budget

The Baltimore County Council unanimously passed the County’s fiscal 2024 budget, with only one minor change to County Executive Johny Olszewski’s $4.9 billion budget proposal.

The fiscal 2024 budget does not raise property or income tax rates. Still, it provides historic funding for public education, creates near-universal community college for county residents, provides record investment in government employees, and invests in parks, public safety, and other priorities.

The Council struck $500,000 in funding for administrative positions at the local board of education. Still, Baltimore County Public Schools receives $2.3 billion for fiscal 2024 — more than half of the County’s budget.

Following the Baltimore County Council’s unanimous vote to pass the budget, County Executive Johnny Olszewski released the following statement:

“Thank you to my partners on the County Council for their advocacy and partnership as we continue to invest in a better Baltimore County. This budget strengthens our new standards of excellence and reflects our values, making historic investments in Baltimore County’s people, communities, and infrastructure. With the continued partnership with the Council, the school system, our state leaders, our incredible employees, and the public we serve, I know we will continue to raise the bar even higher in the years ahead for everyone who lives and works in Baltimore County.”

Visit the Baltimore County website for more information.

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