Chesapeake Tree Canopy Network Unveils County Level Tree Data!

The Chesapeake Tree Canopy Network recently published county-level tree cover fact sheets summarizing tree cover, benefits, and changes in cover over time.

Community tree canopies provide an array of benefits that are often taken for granted. Trees create healthy, vibrant communities – cleaning the air, reducing stormwater pollution, providing shade and energy savings, nurturing wildlife, and enhancing the local economy and quality of life.

The Chesapeake Tree Canopy Network’s new Tree Cover Fact Sheets help counties throughout Maryland easily comprehend their tree canopy metrics. For each county, these Fact Sheets break down land use area, economic value of tree cover, and changes in tree cover over time. These are excellent resources for jurisdictions looking to better understand tree canopy in their community.

Find your County Tree Cover Fact Sheet! View the Fact Sheet Data Guide for more information on the data sources included in the fact sheets, as well as additional resources. Funded in part by a grant from the USDA Forest Service, the Tree Cover Fact Sheets were produced by Chesapeake Conservancy in collaboration with the Chesapeake Bay Program, U.S. Geological Survey, and University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Lab.

Also, for more information about how to capitalize on the benefits of trees, check out A Local Government Guide to the Chesapeake Bay: Module 4.