Local Blueprint Implementation Plans Now Available Online

Draft plans on how local jurisdictions will implement The Blueprint are now available for review online.

Local Education Agencies (LEAs) were required by law to submit a local Blueprint Implementation Plan by midnight on March 15, 2023, outlining how it intends to implement the major education reforms set by the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (“The Blueprint”). As LEAs pre​pared their draft plans, many held public information sessions, which are accessible online.

An email from the Blueprint Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB) reads:

The AIB appreciates the tremendous effort and time involved in developing these initial Blueprint implementation plans and thanks everyone involved at the local and State levels. Your engagement and dedication to the Blueprint is key to its successful implementation.

AIB and MSDE staff are currently working to ensure that each LEA plan includes embedded hyperlinks to documents referenced in the template.  Any technical issues will be resolved as quickly as possible, and plans will be re-uploaded to the AIB website as needed in the coming days. Please reach out to AIB staff with any questions or difficulties in accessing the materials at aib@maryland.gov.

Review the local implementation plans:

Local plans come after the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and the State Board of Education (SBOE) published Phase 2 of its Strategic Plan to implement The Blueprint. Phase 1 of the State’s plan was unveiled in October 2022.