Counties Welcome State Partnership to Expand School-Based Health Centers

On February 28, 2023, Associate Policy Director Brianna January submitted testimony to the Senate Finance Committee in support of SB 628 – School-Based Health Centers – Services, Infrastructure, and Funding.

Through requiring the Maryland Department of Health to develop a comprehensive school-based health center funding formula for cost-sharing capital expenses between state and local government, this bill supports counties in their efforts to establish and expand access to these important facilities. At present, counties receive little help from the State when creating new school-based health centers. SB 686 represents an important investment in ensuring more students across the State have ready access to health services, and counties welcome the opportunity to partner with the State to achieve this worthy goal.

From the MACo Testimony:

The priority and aspiration to provide health services for students and their families – whether via school-based health centers or other means – is universal for all counties and counties welcome the opportunity presented in SB 628 to partner with the State to do so. SB 628 can be a strong first step in what counties desire to be a strong, important partnership to improve the lives and educational experience of Maryland students. The science is clear: when children are healthy − physically and mentally − they are better equipped to succeed in school.

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