Comptroller Transition Report Includes Local Government Input, Goals

A Transition Team Report for the Office of the Comptroller, assembled by and to guide Comptroller Brooke Lierman, highlights a range of service, outreach, and equity matters. The Team included substantial local government representation, including MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson.

From the Comptrollers’ website detailing the Transition Report:

Comptroller Brooke LiermanTransition Team

Summary & Report: The Lierman transition was an open and inclusive process that connected individuals from around the state to reimagine how the Comptroller’s office can build communities that are more equitable, resilient, and prosperous. Each work group reviewed department data, consulted with policy experts and reviewed the public’s input on key issues and priorities, all of which were used to develop a Transition Report – a comprehensive set of recommendations that will inform goals and plans of the leadership of the Office of the Comptroller.

The full transition report is available online.

From coverage on Maryland Matters:

For example, some information technology mainframe systems use programming languages dating back to 1959. One recommendation would be for the office to centralize all technology functions in an office overseen by a chief information officer.

Another challenge for the comptroller’s office, according to the report, are concerns about transparency and access to the agency. A few proposals to improve the “taxpayer experience” include creating a Taxpayer Services Division to deal with general tax matters and engage with residents proactively. In addition, the transition team made a recommendation to streamline payment processes and offer “in-compromise” programs for residents who need short-term or long-term payment options and for those who endured financial hardships.

Among the leaders from the transition team are former Prince George’s County Councilmember Dannielle Glaros (co-chair of the Public Engagement working group) and Montgomery County Chief Administrative Officer Rich Madaleno (co-chair of the Tax Administration and Customer Engagement working group). MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson co-chaired the Local Government working group, along with MML counterpart Theresa Kuhns.

From the section of the report on local governments are several recommendations specific to relationships with local leaders and services:

  • Expand sharing of tax-related data to guide and inform local leaders
  • Provide a web-based orientation for local government leaders and local government staff to utilize to enhance understanding and facilitate transition into new roles
  • Advance and offer easier public access to Board of Public Works materials
  • Actively seek local government amplifiers for tax benefit eligibility

Read the full transition report on the Comptroller’s website.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties