Worldwide Climate Teach-In Comes to Maryland in March

Maryland joins the 2023 worldwide Climate Teach-in and welcomes participation from local jurisdictions.

The Worldwide Climate Change Teach-in  seeks to encourage conversations, literacy, and learning opportunities focused on climate change. This year, it will be commemorated around the world on or around March 29, 2023. The Maryland Commission on Climate Change is participating this year and is encouraging local jurisdictions to do the same. The Commission states:

It’s a powerful way for students and educators to talk about climate and justice. Why is this critical? Because if we don’t talk about climate c​hange, then we won’t act to stop it. We all need to become comfortable talking about climate, all the time. The teach-in helps us do that by creating real dialogue. ​

What is a climate teach-in?

A Climate Teach-In is​ a “bottom-up educational event focused on just solutions to the climate crisis in local communities and globally.” A wide range of institutions can host 2023 teach-ins, including co​lleges, universities, primary, middle and secondary schools, museums, or in faith or civil society communities.

Similarly, they can take many forms, many of which the Commission says can be easily integrated into existing class curricula without significant preparation. Model climate teach-ins range from short 15-minute class/group discussions to interactive learning to formal 3-hour all-school events. Resources are available for all levels of education, and the Commission’s website includes a short informative video on them.

The Maryland Commission will recognize registered groups during Earth Month, so any counties or local agencies wishing to do so should complete the Commission’s pledge form​.