Commission Approves Final Police Oversight Regulations

The Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission (MPTSC) has unanimously approved regulations for the newly formed police oversight bodies.

In a meeting yesterday morning that was held in addition to the regular commission calendar, the group unanimously approved regulations for both the Police Accountability Boards (PAB) and the Administrative Charging Committees (ACC). This also includes the final disciplinary matrix for recommending consequences for misconduct. This meeting was held after the public comment period had officially closed.

The PABs and ACCs are required by new Maryland law to be established in all 23 counties and Baltimore City. Both of these oversight bodies have a variety of training requirements as specified by the MPTSC. As covered on the Conduit Street Blog in June, there were emergency regulations put in place as the deadline hours dwindled.

It is our understanding that the final regulations have not substantially changed from the initial emergency protocols. For instance, one cited amendment was simply to edit the definition of “good moral character” to maintain consistency with existing language used in other Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR). Within two weeks, the regulations approved yesterday are to be posted on the COMAR site under COMAR 12.04.09 and COMAR 12.04.10.

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