Shore Delegation Hears MACo Initiative Updates

On February 27, the Eastern Shore Delegation heard from MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson, with an update on MACo’s top priorities for the 2015 session.

In talking about MACo’s top priority – restoring local roadway funding – Mr. Sanderson said, “it’s very important that this is coming from everywhere. Several bills are in, and they are from both urban and rural legislators, both Democrats and Republicans.”

He commented on the state’s strict maintenance of effort law, citing its inflexibility creating a “disincentive to spend more than you have to in the schools.” MACo is seeking legislation to alter several components of that law.

Mr. Sanderson also expressed optimism about meaningful drug-related legislation passing this year, saying “this issue is clearly getting taken seriously, and we’re hopeful we’ll see some good bills get out this year.”

He relayed the lingering concerns with pretrial processes, and the reliance on contract attorneys to provide representation before District Court Commissioners. “We really dislike the current year’s provision,” he said, “where the state can bill the county for cost overruns. We don’t even control it.”

For more on MACo’s slate of legislative initiatives, read previous Conduit Street coverage.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties