Maryland Food Bank: 33 Percent of Families Are Food Insecure

The Maryland Food Bank recently released a study outlining food insecurity in the state. A record 33 percent of families report hunger and/or food insecurity. 

Maryland represents one of the most well-resourced states in the Union, yet a recent study from the Maryland Food Bank cites evidence that about a third of Marylanders are reporting food insecurity or hunger. Previous estimates place statewide food insecurity at about eight percent, but the new data indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic and rampant inflation have worked to push more families to the edge.

Increased demand, rising costs, and COVID precautions are all contributing to skyrocketing costs faced by the Maryland Food Bank. According to CBS Baltimore:

“We would buy about 12 million pounds of food, which is still a lot, and pay 45 cents per pound,” Maryland Food Bank Executive Vice President Meg Kimmel said. “Next year in our budget we have budgeted for 25 million pounds of food, so double the amount at double the cost–88 cents per pound versus 45 cents pre-pandemic level.”

Key Report Highlights: 

  • Food Assistance Trend: One-third of Marylanders are now reporting food insecurity.

  • Financial Security: One-third of Marylanders are now reporting financial insecurity.

  • Food Affordability: Nearly half (roughly 47 percent) of Marylanders report that their children are sometimes or often not eating enough because of food prices.

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Read the full report.

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