St. Mary’s County Alters School Budget Schedule

As reported in the Bay Net, the St. Mary’s County Board of Education has approved a revised budget calendar for Fiscal Year 2015 to conform to one approved last week by the county commissioners. The new schedule advances by two weeks every deadline from previous years, according to the article.

The Bay Net article raises the challenges for county governments and local boards of education of adapting to funding changes made by the General Assembly and implemented by the Maryland Department of Education.  As described,

School Board member Cathy Allen noted that often funding implications from Maryland General Assembly actions takes some time to understand and digest and be filtered through the Maryland Department of Education.

This year, the Maryland State Department of Education issued revised draft calculations for the Major State Aid Programs for Fiscal Year 2014 on April 19.  The revised calculations included adjustments for enrollment, changes in the consumer price index, and changes from legislation passed during the 2013 session.

For more information on St. Mary’s, see the full story from the Bay Net.  For more information on revisions to state education aid, see our previous article on Conduit Street, MSDE Releases Revised Draft Calculations for Major State Programs.