Now Available: New 2022 Maryland EMS Protocols

The Maryland Medical Protocols for Emergency Medical Services (2022 edition) is now available on the MIEMSS website. The protocols will go into effect on July 1, 2022.

The Maryland Medical Protocols standardize the emergency patient care that EMS clinicians, through medical consultation, deliver at the scene of illness or injury and while transporting the patient to the closest appropriate hospital. These protocols will help EMS clinicians anticipate and prepare to give the emergency patient care ordered during the medical consultation.

As previously reported on Conduit Street, MACo led the effort during the 2022 legislative session to secure meaningful and long-term support to modernize county EMS delivery and care, including additional funding for county efforts to combat health care disparities through Mobile Integrated Health and similar offerings.

According to MIEMSS:

There are multiple evidence-based updates to the protocols this year. We have added new medications and procedures, revised indications for others, and removed a few procedures as well. As a reminder, if you are using the electronic version of the protocol document, you may click on any italicized word to go to relevant medication and related protocol pages. There is also a “Back to Contents” link located at the bottom of each page.

This year’s protocol video updates have been posted to the MIEMSS Online Training Center. EMS clinicians should complete the protocol update version that aligns with their level of licensure: EMRs and EMTs should complete the BLS version, CRTs and Paramedics should complete the ALS version.

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