Local Governments Are Central to EV Expansion

This month’s Think Regionally Podcast discusses electric vehicle (EV) access in the Washington DC region. 

Long-time Conduit Street readers and listeners know that EVs have been a hot topic across all corners of the state. In this month’s Think Regionally Podcast, a podcast from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG), host Robert McCartney examines electric vehicle access within the Washington DC region and local government’s role in expanding the EV market. McCartney talks with county leaders about strategies for upgrading vehicle fleets and possible policy incentives to encourage consumers to buy EVs.

Here’s a small excerpt from McCartney’s discussion with Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich,

Robert McCartney:
So, what are the highlights of Montgomery’s program to fight climate change?

Marc Elrich:
So, there are three big sectors. We want to put as much solar into it as we can so we’re looking at solarizing buildings, parking lots, garages for building our first microgrids. So, we’ve got this bus depot that has microgrid on top of it. It’s got solar panels, the power of the microgrid, and that leads to the other two big sectors, one is transportation.

Listen to the Think Regionally Podcast, Episode 6: Electric vehicles in the DMV. 

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