Del. Candidate Op-Ed: Climate Bill Passage is Electrifying

Elizabeth Embry recently wrote a compelling thought piece on the recently passed SB528 the Climate Solutions Now Act. 

Elizabeth Embry, a career public servant and current candidate for Delegate in Baltimore City’s 43rd District, recently wrote a compelling thought piece on the recently passed SB 528 the Climate Solutions Now Act. Those readers following state and local politics might remember Embry from her time working for two State’s Attorneys, two Mayors, a Governor, the Attorney General, and as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2018. Recently Embry filed an opinion letter in the Baltimore Sun, highlighting SB 528’s accomplishments and outlining the direction of possible future climate legislation. From her letter

First, we must move Maryland to 100% clean electricity, second, we have to use that energy to power our state. If we do this fast enough, we will meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals, lower energy bills, create new jobs and save thousands of lives a year from reduced air pollution.

The Climate Solutions Now Act tells us where we need to go, but most of the journey is still uncharted… it will take bold leadership to cut through the noise and enact the policies that will deploy these technologies fast enough to meet our new climate goals.

Read Embry’s full letter here.