VP Stops in Prince George’s to Unveil EV Charging Network

Vice President Kamala Harris recently toured a Prince George’s electric vehicle (EV) facility to announce plans for a national EV charging network. 

On a visit to Prince George’s DPW&T Maintenance Facility in Brandywine, Vice President Kamala Harris unveiled the Biden Administration’s plan to build half a million EV charging stations to help bring down the cost of electric cars.

According to ABC News, the Vice President said:

“The future of transportation in our nation and around the world is electric,” Vice President Kamala Harris said at an EV charging facility in suburban Maryland. . .

“(The administration wants) to make electric vehicles accessible for everyone,” Harris said. “Absolutely make it accessible for everyone and easy. Just like filling up your car with gas.”

Maryland will receive roughly $63 million from the infrastructure package to help build out the state’s EV charging network. Should the president’s social and environment bill pass the Senate, Marylanders can receive a $7500 tax credit towards purchasing an electric vehicle.

Accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles will help meet both federal and state emissions targets. Any major expansion in the American EV market will bring with it a new set of challenges, including increasing the capacity of electric transmission lines.

Read the full ABC News story here.