Blueprint Oversight Board Suggests Updates to Its Timeline

During its February 14 meeting, the Blueprint Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB) agreed on a proposed updated timeline to follow. The board’s deadlines and timeline are set by state law.

The AIB struggled to get started, doing so several months behind its initial timeline. It continues to face challenges, working without a full staff and full funding, the AIB continues to struggle to meet its deadlines outlined in state law. Currently, the board is operating with just one staff member — executive director Rachel Hise — and roughly a third out of the $4.8 million they expected to receive this fiscal year.

Under the proposed updated plan, the AIB would complete a comprehensive implementation plan by December of this year, a full eight month later than originally planned. The current deadline for completion is this week.








As a stopgap, the AIB suggested yesterday updating its timeline and pushing several deadlines back. Maryland Matters reported on the board’s move:

In the absence of a sweeping Blueprint plan for the next year, Hise suggested that the AIB set goals in key areas of the Blueprint — early childhood, teachers, college and career readiness, student resources and accountability — this spring. Then during the summer, the AIB could meet with local school systems and other government agencies to plan for the next school year, Hise said.

Next steps for the board include sharing its proposed timeline with Governor Larry Hogan and General Assembly in the next couple of days. Notably, legislative hearings on the topic are scheduled for Thursday in the House Appropriations and Ways and Means Committees.

Read the full Maryland Matters report.

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