Howard Community College and MD Dept. of Labor Partner on $250,000 Apprenticeship Program

Howard Community College (HCC) announced that it has partnered with the Maryland State Department  of Labor to expand apprenticeship programs via a $250,000 state grant.

The expanded program will include two new career pathways for students and aspiring professionals: a new surgical technician apprenticeship program to support the increased demand for skilled workers in healthcare and a new CompTIA technology support apprenticeship program for information technology.

According to a HCC press release:

The expansion of HCC’s apprenticeship program will be facilitated through a $250,000 grant awarded by the Maryland State Department of Labor that aims to cultivate a new generation of skilled and trained professionals to fill high-demand roles in today’s workforce.

As the college works to build the two newest apprenticeships, it will collaborate with business partners to assure solid continuity between coursework and field work requirements and experiences. Both the University of Maryland Medical Center and Howard County General Hospital will collaborate with HCC to facilitate the surgical technician apprenticeship program. The business partner for the CompTIA technology support apprenticeship is under development.

“HCC is committed to providing our students with pathways for success, and the exponential growth of our apprenticeship programs over the past two years demonstrates one very important way we are accomplishing that,” said Lynn Coleman, Interim President of HCC. “We are incredibly grateful for the grant support we have received from the State of Maryland to expand our model and create even more opportunities for students with a wider range of interests and career goals. We are excited about the positive impact HCC can have on the healthcare and information technology fields through the introduction of our two new apprenticeship programs.”

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