Join MACo in Wishing Leslie Velasco a Happy Retirement, After 26 Years

MACo’s familiar and friendly face, Leslie Velasco, is retiring this week – capping 26 years with MACo that saw her elevate to Administration & Finance Director.

The MACo staff and leadership join together in wishing our longtime friend and colleague Leslie Velasco much happiness in her retirement ahead. She has been the indispensable association staff, the “glue” that has held the office together for her many years.

Leslie has developed deep roots and relationships with the conference exhibitors, where each year she has overseen the symphony of organizing and assisting each of them for their best in-person experience. Less visibly, she has helped to develop each year’s fiscal plan for the organization, and has shepherded the association’s financial accounts and human relations functions.

“The things we all love about MACo, she has had a hand in building and shaping all of it,” said Executive Director Michael Sanderson. “We do better work for our members, and it’s a better place to work and connect, because of her tireless efforts.”

Starting with MACo in September of 1995, Leslie accumulated more formal responsibilities as she continued to excel in her multi-purpose role within the organization. And beyond the four corners of the job description, she’s been a resource, a friend, a confidant, and an adviser to her many colleagues through the years.

Please join us in thanking Leslie and wishing her well as she ends her time at MACo and begins what we hope will be a retirement full of golf, friends, family, and relaxation.


Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties