Maryland HBCUs Partner with BGE on $600K in STEM Scholarships

BGE has partnered with three historically Black universities in Maryland — Coppin State University, Bowie State University, and Morgan State University — to provide a combined $600K in scholarships to students in STEM majors.

The three schools will each receive a $200,000 total grant, of which $150,000 will fund $10,000 scholarships to 15 full-time STEM majors through the BGE Scholars Program. The additional $50,000 will be used for “persistence grants” available to any student to cover costs that might interfere with a student’s ability to continue college, such as text books.

The student scholarship recipients will also be able to access critical career development opportunities with BGE through internships, mentorships, and shadowing opportunities.

The presidents of the three universities celebrated their new partnership with BGE and the difference it will make for their students and school communities.

Bowie State University President Aminta H. Breaux:

“This partnership with BGE will have a tremendous impact on the lives of Bowie State University students in the STEM disciplines who will be supported with merit-based scholarships as well as leadership and career development opportunities to position them for success after graduation. We commend the foresight of BGE to also provide resources to help any student close small, non-tuition-related financial gaps and unexpected challenges that too often hamper their ability to persist and graduate. Supporting the development of our students will pay dividends for the future economic viability of our state and nation.”

Coppin State University President Dr. Anthony L. Jenkins:

“We are excited about this partnership with BGE, as we’ve realized our shared goal in creating greater access to higher education for underserved students in our communities. These scholarships will help students realize the extent of their potential and transform their lives.”

Morgan State President David Wilson:

“BGE is a valued partner to Morgan and has continuously demonstrated its support of the vital role Maryland HBCUs play in addressing inequity by preparing students for future success and exposing them to transformative opportunities. We appreciate and embrace this opportunity to enhance our partnership through this generous investment in Morgan scholars and look forward to the future fruit it will bear by keeping more students engaged, enlightened, and most importantly enrolled.”

To become a “BGE Scholar,” students must be a Maryland resident, maintain a minimum 2.8 GPA, major in a STEM field, and demonstrate financial need. Scholars will participate in career enriching activities with BGE mentors, internships and job shadowing opportunities.

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