About the Multi-Year Improvement Plan for All Schools

BCPS and Baltimore County jointly launched MYIPAS to develop a long-range plan for identifying and equitably prioritizing capital improvements to all schools.

CannonDesign, which has led over 1,300 education facility projects across the country, including over 200 education master plans, was selected to take a detailed look at current school facilities, with a focus on educational adequacy and equity, facility conditions, and capacity utilization.

The first phase of recommendations, which focused on recommendations for high schools,
was released in September 2020. The updated recommendations released today are focused on the county’s elementary and middle school buildings as well as specialty schools and centers.

As part of the MYIPAS process, community members were offered opportunities to provide input through public surveys, virtual community forums, focus groups, and a public comment period. In total, more than 25,000 stakeholders provided input during this process.

A final report will be issued in fall 2021.