Workgroup Issues Recommendations to Stem Looming COVID-19 Housing Crisis

home-2156096_1920 - pixabay - 5.12.20The workgroup chaired by Senator Shelly Hettleman and established by Judicial Proceedings Chairman Will Smith released a 24-page report of recommendations. 

As concerns mount over a COVID-19 housing crisis the workgroup has issued dozens of recommendations that would help keep Marylanders in their homes.

From The Maryland Reporter:

The 24-page Workgroup Report on COVID-19 and Housing was crafted with input from various state entities and agencies such as the District Court of Maryland and the Department of Housing and Community Development. It recommendations include providing tenants with legal counsel in eviction cases, increasing rental assistance, an executive order to ban late fees associated with the pandemic, and that courts to do more to facilitate payment agreements between tenants and landlords.

Maryland’s eviction moratorium is in place as long as the Governor’s emergency order is in effect. The federal eviction moratorium ended July 25.

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