Hopkins Launches K-12 Schools Reopening Policy Tracker

Johns Hopkins recently launched an interactive map and resource guide comparing and analyzing reopening plans for schools across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A team of researchers at Johns Hopkins University launched the website, which provides a range of tools dedicated to assessing and guiding school reopenings in the United States, including a “School Reopening Policy Tracker” that provides analysis of the latest guidance documents in each state.

All 50 State Boards of Education have issued policy guidance about reopening schools. Maryland’s Recovery Plan for Education, Maryland Together, was released in June.

From Johns Hopkins website:

“As the United States continues to think about reopening, schools are at the forefront of every conversation,” says Annette Campbell Anderson, deputy director of the JHU Center for Safe and Healthy Schools and an assistant professor at the School of Education. “For parents to resume full-time work, schools will need to reopen, but only in a way that makes every effort to protect the safety and health of students, teachers and staff. Schools will also need to find new ways to make up for losses in learning, health, and support systems that occurred as a result of the closure. These discussions are happening right now, and our tracker analyzes how states’ proposed recovery plans support students, teachers, and parents.”

The School Policy Reopening Tracker examines each state’s policy guidance and gives credit for addressing twelve criteria topics, even if the topic is not comprehensively addressed. Maryland scored 12/12 for addressing all topics.