Advocates Call on Comcast to Expand Internet Access for Low-Income City Residents

laptop-33521_1280 - pixabay - 5.28.20Baltimore City Council Members and the Students Organizing a Multicultural & Open Society (SOMOS) are urging Comcast to expand internet access to low-income residents amid the pandemic. 

The advocates assert that Comcast falls short on the current offerings of its Internet Essentials plan to low-income residents and should expand the timeline for free service and increase the download/upload speeds to help children continue to learn while no longer in the classrooms.

As reported in The Baltimore Sun:

Comcast is currently offering the Internet Essentials service for free for 60 days to new subscribers in the city to help bring more people online during the COVID-19 pandemic. The group wants to see that offer extended until 60 days after schools are back in the classroom.

The group also called on the company to increase download and upload speeds offered through the Internet Essentials program as well as open up all of its WiFi hotspots to the public.

The article includes a response from Comcast noting the company’s current offerings and donations as well as potential future partnership opportunities.

For more information:

Baltimore council members, advocates push for expanded internet access for low-income residents (The Baltimore Sun)

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