Calvert Releases Flood Mitigation Plan Progress Report

Calvert County recently released the latest version of their annual flood mitigation plan progress report.

Calvert County’s Flood Mitigation Plan was prepared by a steering committee and first approved in 2011 by the county’s planning commission and subsequently the Board of County Commissioners. Since then, updates have been presented through the annual progress report. The report discusses steps the county has taken to prevent flooding and outlines mitigation goals. The report notes that a plan to address nuisance flooding is due to the Maryland Department of the Environment by October.

From the press release:

Calvert County’s Flood Mitigation Plan includes Calvert County’s flooding history, a description of flooding issues that impact the county, a flood vulnerability assessment, property protection measures and preventative measures. The plan was adopted in 2011. Calvert County participates in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Community Rating System (CRS) program, which requires the county to engage in activities that protect the 100-year floodplain, educate citizens and empower the community by providing 100- year floodplain information and data resources.

The County’s flood mitigation goals:

1) Direct population concentrations away from known or predicted high flood hazard areas through
appropriate regulations.
2) Ensure new construction and reconstruction are resistant to flood damage.
3) Existing natural resources and open-space within the floodplain and watershed should be protected.
4) Ensure continued coordination during emergencies.
5) Ensure critical facilities are less vulnerable to flooding.
6) Reduce potential disruption of the county’s infrastructure during hazard events.
7) Protect existing natural resources and open-space within the floodplain and watersheds.

For more information view the full press release and the full report.