Wicomico Unveils Plans for Inclusive Playground

Earlier this month Wicomico officials released plans for a brand new inclusive playground on County property.

Inclusive playgrounds provide a safe, accessible area for all children including those with disabilities to play. The new Donnie Williams Inclusive Playground will be located at the County’s Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex in Salisbury, and will allow residents to stay locally instead of having to travel out of state for appropriate facilities. The County worked with families of children with disabilities and advocates to ensure the playground will meet the needs of the community.

From coverage in the Salisbury Independent:

“The last piece — the cherry on top here — is the inclusive playground and sensory trail, which will allow kids of all levels of abilities to play together,” said Recreation, Parks & Tourism Director Steve Miller.

Miller views the playground as a regional project.

“We view this as much bigger than Wicomico County,” he said. “We want to invite people from Worcester, Somerset and all over to enjoy what’s going to happen at this facility.”

The project is made possible due to a collection of state and local funds, including from Program Open Space, as well as a $100,000 donation from the Donnie Williams Foundation.

Last spring the County completed work on another project, Field 7 ½ that allows individuals with physical or mental disabilities the opportunity to play baseball.

For more information see coverage by 47 ABC, and the Salisbury Independent.