Find New Cyber and Private LTE Solutions with Motorola

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Motorola Solutions, a Gold MACo Corporate Partner, announces new solutions around Cybersecurity and Private Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Cybersecurity:  Motorola has been monitoring public safety solutions such as mission-critical radio and 9-1-1 infrastructure for 30 years.  And for 20 years they have been proving cybersecurity monitoring and patch mitigation to know threats.  In 2020 they brought on 2 leaders in cybersecurity, Lunarline and Delta Risk.  Motorola now has about 200 dedicated cybersecurity professionals with the ability to assess systems strengths and vulnerabilities, respond and recover systems and most importantly provide insightful training.  Their training mantra is “everyone is responsible.”

Private LTE: With the students remotely learning, internet bandwidth for streaming class is a concern many have.  Even in the most urban environments, the cost of an internet service provider (ISP) may be too great for families to subscribe to. Motorola has a solution that provides private LTE to school boards, cities, and counties to meet to resolve this.  Motorola has the ability to tap into a school, city or county’s internet and broadcast coverage over the air in an average a 1+ mile radius.  They work with the local government’s IT department to program modem devices with simple instructions, which then can be delivered to the students in need.  Motorola offers an easy to use dashboard allowing administrators to view who has the connection, if there are problems, and the assurance to provide each student the ability to access their remote class.  Traditional providers may offer free MiFi’s or open up hotspots, however; when a number of students in a concentrated area try to use that hot spot, the bandwidth is quickly consumed and the students are not able to gain access to their live class.  Below are a few examples of how cities and/or counties have partnered with school boards so each can benefit.

Read more about Motorola’s Cybersecurity Services Offerings and Distance Learning Solutions.

If your county is interested in learning more about these services for both your public safety systems and enterprise systems please contact Mitch Nowak, Area Sales Manager for Motorola.