MABE Announces 2020 Legislative Priorities

The Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) announced their top priorities yesterday.

From The Education Advocate:

MABE’s top priorities for the 2020 Legislative Session include:

• Support for continued governance autonomy for local boards of education to set education policy and school budgets which provide educational benefits for all students; and opposition to unfunded mandates. MABE supports continued autonomy for all local boards to adopt education policies that promote high standards for academic and fiscal accountability. Therefore, MABE opposes any executive, legislative or regulatory initiatives which would have the effect of reducing local board governance or budgetary authority, or which create unfunded mandates.

• Support for full State funding for Maryland’s outstanding public schools. Specifically, MABE is seeking passage of the Kirwan Commission legislation to update and enhance the constitutional adequacy and equity of state and local funding. Local boards of education are committed to preparing all students to be globally competitive in college and careers, and the State’s commitment to 10 years of increased funding and reforms is essential to making this a reality.

• Support for increased State funding for school construction and renovation projects. Specifically, MABE is seeking a capital budget of at least $400 million, passage of the Built to Learn Act, and an increase in the Aging Schools Program. Local boards are committed to investing increased state and local funding to provide safe, sustainable, state of the art learning environments for all students from prekindergarten through 12th grade.

• Support for sustained and increased local government investments in education. Specifically, MABE is seeking passage of the Kirwan Commission legislation including mandated increases in both State and local funding. Funding from Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City plays a critical role in combination with State and federal funding to support teaching and learning. Therefore, MABE strongly supports the Kirwan Commission’s recommendation to require local funding contributions to support all students and targeted funding for our highest needs students, including prekindergarten, special education, economically disadvantaged, and English learners.

To learn more about MABE’s advocacy efforts, please see their website.