MD Commission on Public Health Seeks Workgroup Members

Maryland’s Commission on Public Health is seeking subject matter experts for five workgroups that will inform the work and recommendations of the Commission.

The Commission is tasked with assessing and recommending improvements to the delivery of public health services in Maryland. Workgroups explore five key subjects relevant to this mission: Funding; Governance and Organizational Capabilities; Workforce; Data and Information Technology; and Communications and Public Engagement.

The Commission invites members of the public with relevant experience in the subject matter to volunteer for a workgroup. Applications are welcome from persons representing different backgrounds, including but not restricted to: primary care and specialty care practitioners; payors; consumer advocates; hospital executives; safety net health care providers; public health practitioners; community-based organizations; and faith-based organizations. Applications are due by Friday, December 15, 2023 at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Click here to apply or complete the application at:

“Workgroup members will be a key part of the Commission’s efforts to assess public health infrastructure in this state and make recommendations for reform,” said Dr. Meena Brewster, St. Mary’s County Health Officer and Co-Chair for the Commission on Public Health. “We need these subject matter experts to help us analyze and recommend improvements to Maryland’s ability to handle major public health challenges.”

“This is an ideal opportunity for members of our community to play a role in the future of public health in Maryland,” said Dr. Boris Lushniak, Dean and Professor of the University of Maryland School of Public Health and Co-Chair for the Commission on Public Health. “We are looking for motivated team members who want to make a difference!”

“Workgroup members are an integral part of this commission as they bring relevant knowledge and experiences that will significantly inform our assessments and recommendations for reform,” said Dr. Oluwatosin Olateju, Assistant Professor with Coppin State University School of Nursing and Co-Chair for the Commission on Public Health. “The significance of having subject matter experts as workgroup members of this commission is not merely symbolic; it is a strategic imperative to improve the delivery of foundational public health services in the state.”

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