Carroll Businesses Benefit From County COVID-19 Relief Grants

Carroll County businesses are receiving crucial aid in the form of checks from the County’s Small Business COVID-19 Emergency Relief Grant Fund.

At the end of March, Carroll County Commissioners unanimously approved an initial $500,000 for the newly created fund. Businesses across the county have been receiving checks for $1,250 since the application portal opened on April 7th. Due to a large number of applicants the Commissioners later approved further allocations, bringing the fund’s total to over $840,000 for small businesses.

The Baltimore Sun reports that businesses in the county are using the grant money in a variety of ways, including making rent payments. Jack Lyburn, Carroll County’s Director of Economic Development, spoke to the Baltimore Sun:

Lyburn said he is spending much of his days reviewing applications to get money into the hands of business owners. “The commissioners really want to help small business because it’s the backbone of Carroll County,” he said. “It’s taking up all my time, but it’s my number one priority right now.”

As of April 22, Lyburn said 440 checks totaling $550,000 had been sent to local businesses. By the end of the week ending May 1, 600 checks will have been sent, Lyburn told the commissioners at their April 23 meeting.

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