Allegany Considers Ban on Speed Cameras

The Allegany County Board of County Commissioners is considering a local bill to prohibit the use of speed cameras on county-maintained roads. While several states and localities have banned traffic cameras, Allegany would be the first county in Maryland to outlaw the establishment of a local automated speed enforcement (ASE) program.

While Allegany County does not currently operate an ASE program, Code Home Rule Bill 2-19, introduced by Commission President Jake Shade, would amend the county code to expressly prohibit ASE.

State law provides for the limited use of automated speed enforcement (ASE). The Maryland General Assembly in 2009 authorized ASE in both highway work zones (§ 21-810, Transportation Art., Md. Code Ann.) and school zones (§ 21-809, Transportation Art., Md. Code Ann.). State law defines a “school zone” as an area within a 1/2 mile of a K-12 school where students are walking or bicycling to school, or being picked up or dropped off.

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), the Maryland Transportation Authority (MTA), and the Maryland State Police (MSP) administer the Maryland SafeZones program, which operates ASE in highway work zones with a posted speed limit of 45 mph or higher. Several counties and municipalities operate ASE in school zones with a posted speed limit of 20 mph or higher.

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