Hogan Appoints Kent County Administrator Shelley Heller to MES Board of Directors

Shelley Heller, Kent County Administrator

Governor Larry Hogan has appointed Kent County Administrator Shelley L. Heller to serve on the Maryland Environmental Service Board of Directors.

Ms. Heller, who has served as Kent County Administrator since 2015, has previously served as a Circuit Rider/Town Manager for several small towns on the Eastern Shore. In her capacity serving Maryland jurisdictions, Heller has acquired extensive experience in budgeting, contract implementation, and project management. She oversees and is responsible for a variety of departments including Water and Wastewater, Environmental Operations, Human Resources, and Public Safety.

MES is a self-supporting fee-for-service agency that provides services at competitive rates to government and private sector clients and works on projects including water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management, composting, recycling, dredged material management, hazardous materials cleanup, stormwater services, and renewable energy.

According to a Kent County press release:

Ms. Heller was asked to serve on the Board as a representative of a government agency. Ms. Heler brings an understanding of water and wastewater and utilities, as well as extensive local, State, and Federal government experience to her public board position.

Heller currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) and the Board of Directors for Maryland Rural Development Corporation (MRDC).

Visit the Kent County website for more information.