NYT Explores How Deadly Dengue Can Spread in a Warmer World

mosquitoThere are over 100 million infections and 10,000 deaths from Dengue each year.

The New York Times reports on a study that looks at how Dengue, which is transmitted via mosquitoes, may spread under different climate scenarios.

The study, published Monday in the journal Nature Microbiology, found a likelihood for significant expansion of dengue in the southeastern United States, coastal areas of China and Japan, as well as to inland regions of Australia.

Globally, the study estimated that more than two billion additional people could be at risk for dengue in 2080 compared with 2015 under a warming scenario roughly representative of the world’s current emissions trajectory. That increase largely comes from population growth in areas already at high risk for the disease, as well as the expansion of dengue’s range.

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How Dengue, a Deadly Mosquito-Borne Disease, Could Spread in a Warming World (The New York Times)

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