CBF: PA is Far Off Track With Bay Cleanup

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s latest analysis criticizes state efforts on bay cleanup – with its sharpest barbs for Pennsylvania.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation recently released its latest “State of the Blueprint” TaCMlBf8_400x400report, evaluating progress toward Bay cleanup goals throughout the multi-state watershed. In a familiar refrain, efforts from Pennsylvania, particularly the Susquehanna River watershed that empties into the northern Chesapeake Bay, come under fire.

From their report:

Maryland is on track to meet its overall nutrient reduction targets by 2025, due in large part to investments to upgrade sewage treatment plants, which have exceeded goals, and in farm management practices. But pollution from developed lands and septic systems continues to increase, challenging the long-term health of Maryland’s waterways.

Read the full discussion of Maryland efforts and progress online.


Their overall assessment is not as bright as that for Maryland, though:

While no state is completely on track, Maryland and Virginia are close to having the programs and practices in place to restore water quality and meet the 2025 goal. Pennsylvania, however, has never met its nitrogen reduction targets and its current plan to achieve the 2025 goal is woefully inadequate, detailing only two-thirds of actions necessary to achieve its goal.

Read the CBF Press Release on the Blueprint report.

Read further coverage of the Foundation’s analysis in the Baltimore Sun.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties