Major Issues & More–90 Day Report Reviews the 2019 Legislative Session

The Department of Legislative Services annual synopsis of the General Assembly’s time in Annapolis provides an update on the budget, education, transportation, and health issues addressed in laws that passed – and didn’t pass – in the 2019 Session. 

As described the Maryland Department of Legislative Services, the 90 Day Report is divided into 12 parts, each discussing a major policy area. Each part contains a discussion of the majority of bills passed in that policy area, including comparisons with previous sessions and current law, background information, as well as a discussion of significant bills that did not pass.

The areas include, among others (links will take the reader to the start of each section, though there are other the references throughout the document):

Budget/Fiscal (includes the outlook for future budgets)

Taxes (includes property taxes, income taxes, and tax sales)

Education (includes the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, school construction, and local control of school calendars)

Business and Economic Issues (includes updates on minimum wage and Opportunity Zones)

Health and Human Services (includes opioids and cannabis topics)

State/Local Government (includes 9-1-1 modernization and state retiree prescription drug coverage)

The Department of Legislative Services will release another report, the Effect of the 2019 Legislative Program on the Financial Condition of the State after the Governor has signed or vetoed all bills passed by the General Assembly.

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