MACo: Additional Funding for Libraries Key for Full Economic Recovery

MACo Research Director, Robin Clark Eilenberg submitted written testimony to the Senate Ways and Means Committee in support of SB 337, Libraries – Regional, State, and County – Funding, on March 24, 2016.

This legislation would provide additional funding for county libraries by accelerating increases to the library funding formula.

Maryland’s counties share funding responsibility with the State for our libraries and support additional resources for them. County governments directed more than $200 million of their operating budget general funds in fiscal year 2016 to supporting libraries.

From the MACo testimony,

Counties are proud to support libraries because they are an integral facet to a county’s ability to build community, and we would appreciate additional State support to help them further their aims. An acceleration in State funding will help libraries to continue to offer community services that are key to our full economic recovery.

An identical cross-filed bill, HB 144, was heard on February 4, 2016.

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