For ensuring updated and accurate U.S. Census Data, check out LUCA

cb17-109-graphic-lucaTo ensure U.S. Census accuracy, approximately 39,000  tribal, state and local governments are now invited to update their 2020 Census information. The Local Update of Census Addresses operation (LUCA) is voluntary and only happens once a decade.

Participants can add, delete or correct addresses and maps for the upcoming Census. LUCA will provide a complete list of census addresses for a jurisdiction, a list of Census Bureau’s count of residential addresses and Census Bureau maps.

“The Census Bureau relies on a complete and accurate address list to reach every living quarter and associated population for inclusion in the 2020 Census. Participation in LUCA helps ensure an accurate decennial census count in communities across the nation.”

Interested parties should register by Dec. 15, 2017.

Click here to learn more information about LUCA and how to sign up.

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