NACo Releases Affordable Housing Toolkit

House and CalculatorThe National Association of Counties (NACo) has released an Affordable Housing Toolkit for counties.

In 2016, over ONE-THIRD of all households were overburdened by housing costs. This phenomenon does not exist solely in large counties; rather, medium-sized and small counties in every region of the country are also struggling with unaffordable housing costs. Fortunately, each county is uniquely equipped with its own set of tools to help residents find housing they can afford.

NACo’s Affordable Housing Toolkit contains examples of tools and strategies counties may use through inter-jurisdictional partnerships, planning and zoning, funding and financing, and advocacy. It also includes a county-level analysis of housing affordability across the nation from additional information that may be found on NACo’s County Explorer.

For more information visit NACo’s Affordable Housing Toolkit.