Prince George’s Launches Office of Veterans Affairs

Prince George’s County, home to 60,000 veterans and their families, this week announced the launch of the Office of Veterans Affairs. The newly created office will provide stellar services, evolve with the unique needs of veterans, and receive a high ranking of approval from the veterans it serves.

Veterans Affairs Officer Dr. James Dula (Center) The National Association of Black Veterans partnered with the Department of Commerce to educate veterans on the Federal Veteran Employment Initiative. (Photo courtesy of Prince George’s County)

According to a press release:

Prior to being elected, County Executive Alsobrooks received valuable feedback regarding how the County’s veterans services had a long way to go.  Many veterans shared profound circumstances that they were dealing with as well as how the County could improve upon their service delivery, especially in the areas of supporting families whose loved ones are on an extended tour of duty, benefits and post-military employment.

We are proud to announce this will no longer be the case because a newly created Veterans Affairs Office is now open for business Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM that is ready to serve you.

We are fortunate to have Dr. James Dula heading up this office in the capacity of Veterans Affairs Officer.  Dr. Dula is retired from the United States Air Force, where he honorably served our country.

The Office of Veterans Affairs is underway with establishing partnerships with the military, non-profits and the faith-based community to aid in outreach efforts.

The County Executive charged Dr. Dula with moving the Office of Veterans Affairs forward. Dr. Dula heeded the charge and coined the mission of the office as Operation Forward March, with the sole priority of always being accessible and of service to veterans and their families.

For more information, call 301-780-8260 or 301-780-8267, or email