A County Cradle-to-Career Curriculum

 At the National Association of Counties Conference in Long Beach, California, the Promise Neighborhoods Institute presented their programs to support positive education outcomes. County governments are key partners in the success of these programs.

Michale McAfee, Co-Director of the Institute described the way they organize education, health, and social supports to create communities of opportunity.

Muneer Karcher-Ramos, Senior Director, Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood described the way they have implemented this program in Saint Paul Minnesota’s Frogtown Community. In Frogtown, they focused on two key results:

  • Readiness for kindgarten, and 
  • Reading requirements for 3rd grade

But the path to reach these goals came from outside the education system – through various community supports – including ensuring stability in housing, and access to healthcare for families in the Frogtown area. 

The Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood has already seen successes among children in the program’s reach.

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