MACo Speaks Up Against Election Law Bill to Protect Local Autonomy

On February 19th, Kevin Kinnally testified in opposition to HB 577 Election Law – County and Municipal Employee Service as Election Judge – Administrative Leave.

From the MACo Testimony:

MACo generally stands for the ability of county governments, guided by their locally elected officials, to serve and react to community needs. County governments – who meet regularly year-round and are deeply immersed in the community – are in the best position to manage these local affairs. Local decision-makers are elected to serve community needs, their actions are subject to broad citizen and stakeholder input, and they are directly accountable to voters.

While several counties already voluntarily comply with the requirements outlined in this bill, MACo has long advocated that such incentives be local-option and flexible – allowing each jurisdiction to best tailor its own priorities. This law would diminish local accountability and preclude local input.

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